Today’s automobile is a sophisticated, computer-controlled machine that requires less care and is more dependable than its predecessors. But to keep your car running efficiently, regularly scheduled maintenance is key to reliable performance and can mean savings down the road. Without regular maintenance, you can shorten the life of your vehicle and void its warranty. Bromspec Motor Works recommend a five-point preventive maintenance program to keep your car running smoothly.


An unusual noise or a gentle tug on the steering wheel when stopping are common warning signs that it’s time to check the brakes. A good rule of thumb is to check the brakes at the 10,000 Km mark when tires should be rotated.


Unless your driving is mostly highway kilometres, today’s engines will run better and last longer with clean oil every 10,000 Km or six months, including a filter change. A $300 oil change can save you from costly engine repairs later..


Our outstanding Customer Care Team can assist you with any requirement you may have for your service and will provide you with all other necessary information to ensure that yourself and your vehicle are well looked after.


As part of your car’s regular maintenance, ask your technician to make sure the battery cover is in place and the battery is firmly anchored. Most important, clean the battery of corrosion, especially the electrical posts.


An illuminated check-engine light on your dashboard is your car’s early warning system that something is wrong. It could be as simple as a loose gas cap or spark plug wire, or a serious forewarning of a mechanical failure. These are some simple points to consider regarding the maintenance of your car


At Bromspec Motor Works, our general car servicing takes out the hassle and stress of looking after your prestige vehicle. From regular scheduled maintenance servicing to just an oil change and vehicle safety check, our General Car Service is the perfect solution to enjoy trouble free motoring.



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